Friday, March 15, 2013

100% Chance for a Run

Tom and I are running the St. Patrick's Irish Tradition 5k around Lake Como this weekend. I came across the pin above, and thought it was fitting. Do you want to know what else there's a 100% chance of? That it'll be f&$% cold, and snow will still be on the ground...I looked up the forecast today and it's supposed to be 28 degrees with possible snow flurries. 
I distinctly remember last year being a hot and balmy 79. What happened? Last year we did the Securian Winter Run which is in January. We decided to forgo the race this year, and wait for it to warm up. Because I was curious, I looked up what the temperature was on the day of that race. Guess what - it was 20 degrees. 

A mere 8 degrees colder than the race we're going to be running in two days...two months later.

I love you Minnesota, I really do. But sometimes I seriously wonder why I live here.

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