Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Camera Fun!

Wow, have I been on hiatus or what? No matter, I have exciting news - I got a new camera! I've been wanting a DLSR camera forrrrrrrrever, and Christmas came a little early this year :) We opted for the Canon T3i, and it's exceptional. It's incredible what kind of difference a high-quality camera can make. Granted, I've only taken it out on one outing so far, but I'm very pleased with the results. Below are photos I took of our outing in the first big MN snowfall this winter.

This is the face of a pup excited to be out playing in the snow

However, the fun was short-lived. It doesn't take long for Bear to get cold and start whining to go home.
Ok, that was fun, but I'm sick of the snow...
I can't wait to start baking delicious goodies and use my new camera to help make them look even more delectable!

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