Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Kitchen Tools

Since we finally have a place to decorate, we decided to hit up Stillwater this past weekend and do some antiquing. I've always been a fan of vintage kitchen tools, so I was really excited to collect some and spruce up our kitchen. This is a great and (fairly) inexpensive way to add character to your walls - plus, it's always fun giving life to old gadgets! I ended up buying an ice cream scoop, meat tenderizer, egg beater, sifter, and strainer.

Our kitchen is more of a walk-through, with no real dining space. However, we have a small section of wall (about a foot wide ) that juts out right where the living room/kitchen come together. It's the only space available to put a kitchen table (besides the living room), and is where I decided to hang the tools. I basically just eyeballed where I wanted to hang each item, but placed the bigger tools (sifter/egg beater) at opposite ends for balance.

I used the standard nail and hammer technique for the sifter and strainer, and used hemp cord to hang the ice cream scoop, meat tenderizer and egg beater.

Simply loop the hemp through the tool you want to hang and tie a knot. This will make it easier to then hang onto a nail.

Check out our new kitchen table!!!! :)

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