Sunday, April 29, 2012

Musical Reminiscings

I've lost touch with music, and it makes me sad. I sat down last night and attempted to "re-vamp" my running playlist, and realized that my computer didn't have half of the CDs I own on it. So I sat down with my huge CD case and started flipping through the pages, which ended up reminding me of my high school/college days. It's crazy how songs, artists, or albums can act like a sort of time machine - that any time we hear them we're transported back to a specific event or moment in time. I've forgotten how big of a role music used to play in my life, and I'm determined to get it back (I think I have a good chance now that I know about Spotify). Since I was reminiscing, I thought I'd share some of the albums from my past. I'm also curious to know - what music takes you back?

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