Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Vintage Tin Container Magnet

I'm a big fan of DIY. I'm an even bigger fan of easy DIY. I'm an even bigger fan of easy DIY that involves anything vintage and/or antique. I got this great idea from a friend, and thought it was pure genius. Due to how many antique stores I've been in, I actually couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before! It literally took me about 30 seconds to make - not including the time spent shopping for the tin - and I think it's a fun way to display a vintage tin.

I found this cute Red Owl tin for Whole Caraway Seed at Midtown Antiques in Stillwater, MN. If you know me, it was a perfect find as I'm a fan of owl and historical memorabilia (especially when it relates to MN). Here's a brief history of the Red Owl grocery chain:
  • Red Owl was a grocery store chain in the United States, headquartered in Hopkins, Minnesota. Founded in 1922, it was initially owned and operated by Gamble-Skogmo, opening its first store in Rochester, Minnesota. There were eventually stores throughout the upper Midwest, including Bismarck, North Dakota in 1927, and briefly into the Chicago area. In 1980, Gamble-Skogmo was acquired by Wickes Corporation, which sold the chain to three executives in January 1986. At that time, the company operated 441 stores in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. In December 1988, the rights to the Red Owl name were obtained by grocery wholesaler Supervalu Inc.
  • Brownlow's Red Owl was located in Le Roy Minnesota, closed November 1, 2010, and is now a locally named small, town grocery store. The store contained a Red Owl memorabilia collection that was utilized in the Cohen Brothers film, "A Serious Man." - Information from Wikipedia and the Facebook page of Brownlow's Red Owl.
Ok, now back to the craft. You only need four items: a glue gun, a small tin, and two magnets.

Step 1: Clean out the tin. I don't understand why people sell old spice tins with the contents still inside. Obviously I'm buying the tin for the tin, not the 50 year-old whatever is inside of it. Yuck.

Step 2: Glue magnets to the tin. I used ProMag magnets which are stronger than the usual "magnet roll" type due to the weight of the tin and pens/pencils. (Note: depending on what you decide to put in your tin, you may not even have to use glue since the tin is magnetic)

Step 4: Allow 10-15 seconds for glue to dry, add writing utensils and you're all set! Put it on the fridge next to your grocery list to eliminate the search for a pen!

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